Rick Scott and Star Trek
This Rick Scott fundraiser could become a problem

Rick Scott has some tough questions coming in the next few days

This week has not been a good one for the campaign of Republican Governor Rick Scott. He became comic relief for a number of national television media who discovered what Florida reporters have known for several years - Scott just cannot answer questions.

While the national media was giving Scott grief, Tampa Fox 13 skewered Scott's history of dodging questions and fudging facts. Fox's report is below and it is well worth watching.

Now, Scott is about to get hit with a new set of questions that he simply can't afford to dodge. 

Let's begin with gay marriage. On Thursday a Monroe County judge ruled that two gay men can legally marry. That decision is now pending an appeal by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. Scott is certain to face questions about the ruling which, if eventually successful, could overturn a Florida constitutional amendment declaring that marriage in the Sunshine State can only be between a man and a woman.

Scott spokesman John Tupps said: "Governor Scott supports traditional marriage, consistent with the amendment approved by Florida voters in 2008, but does not believe that anyone should be discriminated against for any reason."

Dear Mr. Tupps - that statement is not going to hold up under close questioning. It would seem difficult to both support the anti-gay marriage amend and oppose discrimination "for any reason."

So the governor is going to need a better answer. 

Scott is also going to have to deal with new questions from Florida scientists about climate change. They want a meeting with Scott - he has offered them his staff. His  Democratic rival, Charlie Crist has offered to meet with the scientists.

Scott  will need share his thoughts about Crist's new running mate - Annette Taddeo.

And, he will continue to be pressed on whether he supports increasing the minimum wage, All Aboard Florida, immigration reform and other issues.

While Scott and his team may think it is damn clever to give the governor a 10 second sound bite and have him repeat it over and over as if he is incapable of independent thought - the idea is clearly not working.

What you get instead is an image suggesting Scott is so afraid of saying the wrong thing that he becomes trapped by his own soundbite. This is not something that instills faith in his leadership or makes Floridians feel warm about him.

The solution is simple. Sure, have a couple of talking points but also be willing to just have a conversation. 

After all, it may be the media that you clearly loathe standing in front of you - but it TV audiences who are seeing and hearing you.

Or, Scott can keep doing this: 


Scott art by Brian J. Crowley. Copyright Crowley Political Report.


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richard pauli

Many thanks for this report... unfolding news story. I will check back..


The solution is simple...vote him out.

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