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thank you for this.


Pam Bondi? More like Pam Boring.

Arnold Ziffell

I find it hard to believe that anyone adult didn't know it was not legal to shack-up in Florida, it has been the law for at least 50yrs. But you need to remember that you could have sex with an animal and it was not against the law until a man in Tallahassee had sex with his German Shepherd did the Legislature Act ( the offender was not a member of the Legislature)

Bill Wohlsifer, Esq.

Elect me, Bill Wohlsifer for Florida Attorney General (LPF)and I will request the court enter a consent judgment in favor of the plaintiffs and save everyone time, money and anxiety. The marriage ban is unconstitutional under the US v. Windsor decision. Pam Bondi's defense is political posturing, not based on most recent legal precedent. The Libertarian Party has supported same-sex marriage consistently since 1972. Please visit my website and support my campaign. I do not have the $2M Ms. Bondi has. I need the peoples' support to elect the Peoples' Attorney.

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