Charlie Crist brings back the hug
First 2016 attack ad challenges Hillary Clinton

Rick Scott and Charlie Crist new video attacks

We start the week with a new video from the Florida Democratic Party intended to remind voters that Republican Governor Rick Scott once had a bit of the Medicare problem with the federal government. 


Not one to stay on the sideline, The Republican Party of Florida fired off this video, once again accusing Democratic candidate Charlie Crist of repeatedly saying "it's the right thing to do" on a variety of issues that the GOP believes were the wrong thing to do.



Four years ago, it was hard to imagine that an unknown, wealthy Republican candidate who was CEO of a hospital company that paid nearly $2 billion in fines for Medicare fraud, would be able to win the GOP nomination and then become governor.

Scott succeeded with a chunk of help from Tea Party voters.

While Scott was winning - despite the fact that he "took the fifth," 75 times - Crist was losing his independent bid for the U.S. Senate at the hand of Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio.

If nothing else, the Sunshine State continues to offer the nation some of the country's most bizarre politics. This year's battle between Crist and Scott will continue that proud tradition,



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