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Pam Bondi statement about campaign leaves out gay marriage

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi caught a lot of heat when she opposed challenges to Florida's constitutional ban of same sex marriage. Her explanation earlier this month was that as Attorney General she was obligated to protect Florida's constitution and laws. This led Crowley Political Report to wonder if she was going to enforce Florida's ban on adults living together without be married. 

No direct reference to her fight to stop same-sex marriage in her press release announcing she filed for reelection today. Still, one should note this sentence where she talks about "tirelessly" working to defend: "Florida’s constitutional rights against the federal health care law and federal government overreach."

Here's the entire release:

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Submits Qualification Documents for Re-election Bid

Tallahassee, Fla. – Attorney General Pam Bondi today filed qualification documents with the Florida Department of State to run for re-election.Bondi is the 37th Attorney General of the nation’s soon-to-be third most populous state.  

“It is an honor to serve Florida’s more than 19 million residents as state attorney general,” said Pam Bondi. “Thanks to the strong partnerships and hard work of agencies and people across our state, Florida’s crime rates are at record lows – this is an important aspect of making Florida the greatest place to live, work, and raise a family.”

 Since taking office, Attorney General Bondi has worked tirelessly shutting down pill mills as part of the fight against prescription drug abuse, making Florida a zero tolerance state for human trafficking, aggressively investigating Medicaid fraud, securing an unprecedented level of relief for Florida homeowners through the National Mortgage Settlement, and defending Florida’s constitutional rights against the federal health care law and federal government overreach.

 When she took office in January 2011, Florida was home to 98 of the top 100 physicians dispensing Oxycodone nationwide. Today, none of the top 100 reside in Florida. This success has led to a decline in deaths caused by prescription drug abuse three years in a row. Another battle won in the war against prescription drug abuse has been development of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, which helps doctors know when patients are doctor shopping to gain access to prescription drugs. The Attorney General championed the program from its inception and recently stepped in to provide $2 million in funding through settlement funds to ensure it continues protecting Floridians.

 “Prescription drug-related deaths continue to fall. Since 2010, we’ve seen a 52-percent decline in Oxycodone deaths,” Bondi continued. “But as long as people are dying and babies are born addicted to prescription drugs, I’ll be engaged.”

 A native of Tampa and a fourth generation Floridian, Attorney General Bondi served as a successful prosecutor for more than 18 years in Hillsborough County. She is a graduate of the University of Florida and Stetson University College of Law.  Learn more about Pam Bondi for Attorney General and how to get involved in the campaign at www.PamBondi.com. Find Pam Bondi onFacebookTwitter and Instagram.



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