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New Rick Scott ad features students and teachers criticizing Charlie Crist

An earnest looking student identified as Erin begins the new video for Republican Governor Rick Scott by lamenting that "college has become so expensive."

That is the start of a well-executed ad that blames Democrat Charlie Crist for tuition increases while he was governor. It is a theme that the Scott has been hammering at for weeks.

Erin fades out and teacher named Bianca comes into view. "Governor Crist was a governor who was not looking out for Florida," she says looking a bit ticked off.

Then a mother named Jennifer says "tuition is skyrocketing. You know, Charlie Crist made college cost more."

Couple of other folks speak and then the ad switches to praise for Rick Scott.

The question for Scott's campaign is - is it working?

Recent polls suggest that Scott massive media buy has significantly closed the gap with Crist.  

Here's the ad.


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