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Some things just seem like common sense.  Let’s consider a community pool and pee. The community hires folks to keep the pool pristine. They encourage people to shower before entering. They build nearby restrooms.

Little Billy is having fun in the pool. So much fun, that getting out of the pool and trotting off to the restroom seems a bother.  Billy is not alone.  Others find the convenience of staying in the pool hard to resist.

Many swimmers will think it is disgusting. They will be worried about health issues. They will believe the water has become unsafe. Scientists agree. A recent study found the combination of pee and pool chlorine “causes dangerous chemical reactions.”

Some will believe that a few people peeing in the pool is not a big deal, does no harm and is silly science.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio appears to be one of those folks who thinks peeing in the pool is no big deal. Only he takes it to a much larger scale - the entire planet.

 For thousands of years human beings dumped very little into our skies and waters. Then we had the industrial revolution.  For more than 250 years, humans have been adding countless elements to our skies and waters that were never there before.

We peed in the pool.

Scientists say after doing this for more than 250 years, we have changed the planet.  Not everyone agrees on how much we changed it, or what affect the changes are having on us. But common sense would tell us that it would be foolish to believe that nothing has changed.

Rubio would have us believe that climate change is silly talk. On Sunday, he was asked about climate change by ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl.

Karl:  “Putting aside your disagreement with what to do about it, do you agree with the science on this? I mean how big a threat is climate change?”

Rubio: “I don’t agree with the notion that some are putting out there, including the scientists, that somehow there are actions we can take today that actually would have an impact on what is happening in our climate.

“Our climate is always changing. And what they have chosen to do is take a handful of decades of research and say that this is now evidence of a longer term trend that is directly and almost solely attributable to manmade activity. I don’t agree with that.

Karl: “You don’t buy….”

Rubio: “I don’t know of any era in world history where the climate has been stable. Climate is always evolving and natural disasters have always existed.”

Karl: Let me get this straight, you do not think that human activity, the production of CO2 has caused warming to our planet”

Rubio: “I do not believe human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate the way these scientists are portraying it. That’s what I do not, and I do not believe that the laws they propose we pass will do anything about it except it will destroy our economy.”

So Rubio’s answers seem to suggest that he believes that there are people peeing in the pool.  Some days more people pee than other days. He believes scientists are using the worst pee days to arrive at their conclusions about the problems caused by peeing.

Rubio further suggests there has always been pee in pools and that nothing more can be done because the economy of keeping the pool open is more important than convincing people not to pee in the pool.

It is likely that just as all scientists do not agree on the impact of climate change, all scientists do not agree on the impact of peeing in the pool. But common sense tells us that whether you are dumping elements into the skies and waters, or peeing in the pool, it is eventually going to cause problems.

Here is the video of the interview:


A 2012 survey found that nearly 20 percent of Americans admitted to peeing in the pool and 85 percent of women and 78 percent of men are “concerned” about people peeing in the pool.


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Thom Smith

If we follow Rubio's logic, then it won't be the fault of the government or anybody else when rising waters flood the family home in Miami. Maybe he'll have second thoughts when the Potomac overruns its banks and he's washed out of the White House. At least we won't have to worry about hell freezing over.

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