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Charlie Crist, human cloning and the Ten Commandments

Human cloning. The Ten Commandments. Gay marriage. Each were a part of the Florida campaign for governor in 2006.

In the final days of that campaign Charlie Crist taped a message telephone message for voters. Apparently Crist, a Republican running against Democrat Jim Davis, wanted to assure folks in the Panhandle that he would protect them from one day seeing clones of themselves wandering the streets.

He also urged them to vote early.

Here’s the key pasaage from the 2006 phone message from Crist:

“I support a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriages, and I oppose adoption by gay couples. I also support the ban on human cloning, and I want to ensure the right to display the Ten Commandments in public places.” 

At the time the Crist campaign would not comment on the phone message saying: “We won’t discuss specific tactics or details.”

We know Crist now supports gay marriage. We have not heard whether he is still concerned about public displays of the Ten Commandments or human cloning.


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