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Rick Scott's new ad hits Crist

 Another week, another new ad from the campaign of Florida Gov. Rick Scott.  These ads ask an unintended question - is it working?

There is only one reason Florida's Republican governor has already spent nearly $7 million - and climbing - to bolster his image while tearing apart Democrat Charlie Crist. Scott remains one of Florida's most unpopular governors.

A private Republican poll taken several weeks ago, shows that 46 percent of the state's registered voters disapprove of Scott's job perfomance. 45 percent approve. 9 percent are undecided. 52 percent of women disapprove.

That's what these campaign ads are really about - changing those numbers.

Which leads us back to the question - Is it working?

When the next public polls are done, Scott will need to show that he has seriously closed the gap with Crist - who has had an 8 point lead - or even surpassed Crist.

Failure to make significant inroads, particularly since Scott has had the airwaves to himself, would be deeply unsettling to Scott's campaign and to the Republican Party.

Should Scott's formidable onslaught fail to make a serious dent - Scott may have to spend a lot of his money since GOP donors may decide to sit out the rest of the race. And worst case is that some of Scott's supporters may drift to Crist just to protect themselves should Crist return to the governor's mansion.

Here's the latest video: 


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