Charlie Crist loses another one
Rick Scott's new ad hits Crist

PolitiFact says Charlie Crist mostly false on abortion

 One of the best television interviewers in the state is WPTV's Michael Williams host of the Sunday program To the Point. Democratic candidate for Florida  governor Charlie Crist was on the program Sunday and at times got a touch testy with Williams during the interview.

Politifact's conclusion after watching the program: Crist said in a TV interview that he hasn’t changed his view on abortion restrictions. We find that misleading -- unless you're talking about having views that have always been difficult to pin down.

Read the complete Politifact report here.

It is true, Crist has appeared to be all over the place on this issue - and his political rival, Republican Gov. Rick Scott, will probably argue that this is but one of many issues that Crist circles with a variety of views.

Disclosure: Most Sundays Crowley Political Report does political analysis on the program.

See the complete interview here. The abortion discussion is below. 

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