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New website called The People Against Crist

A curious new website, loaded with anti-Charlie Crist videos, appears to be creeping into Florida's race for governor. 

There is little information about who or what is behind this website. The owners hide their identity by using Domains By Proxy, a company owned by GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons that is designed to allow owners to remain secret.

Note to owners: In your zeal, you ripped off a unique Charlie Crist caricature owned by Crowley Political Report. We appreciate that you follow us, and our artist is very proud of his work. Now please take it down. 

Back to our report.

The contact address for the the website is Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. The domain name was created on March 31. The site is accepting contributions and has this disclaimer: Paid Electioneering Communication paid for by "The People Against Crist” 

A web search of the Florida Division of Elections database did not turn up anything suggesting the owners have registered with state. This could be a problem since the site is accepting contributions.

And they have a brutal way of asking for your money:

"Does the idea of Charlie Crist being Governor again make you puke?

Are you equally concerned about Scott's campaign and doubt they know how to beat Crist? If you want to expose Crist and insure that he does not become Governor contribute to The People Against Crist today. We know how to educate the voters about the real Charlie Christ. Your money will be used to take the TV spots on our website and put them on the air in your county."

 The videos on the site are, well, different.


 And this one features Scott Rothstein:


You get the idea. 

There is a lot packed into the website. See it for yourself at The People Against Crist.

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The People Against Crist

Thank you for promoting our website and educational videos that reveal the REAL Charlie Crist.

The People Against Crist is registered as an Electioneering Communications Organization with the Florida Division of Elections and we are now accepting donations to support the effort to educate Floridians about Charlie Crist - and his many flip-flops.

Speaking as a long time Activist, Artist and Lesbian. I don't think we can trust Charlie Crist.

Charlie Crist wanted to chain African Americans to each other and make them work in chain-gangs, outside, in the hot Florida sun. It raises equations about his sanity and his ability to lead the state of Florida. He was against Obamacare, then apparently for it. He was against Gun Control, then apparently for it.

How can Charlie Crist be trusted?

He can't!

The People Against Crist will expose the real Charlie Crist - and let the voters decide for themselves if he is suitable to be Governor of Florida - or not.

Sharon Kaplan
Chairwoman for The People Against Crist

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