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Jeb Bush donors worried about his wife

Politico is reporting this morning that "the donor class" is very worried that Jeb Bush's wife Columba will stop him from running for president in 2016.

From Politico:

Republican donors and operatives are chattering about Bush’s publicity-shy wife, so worried she isn’t on board with a 2016 White House run that they’re urging people in the family’s orbit to make the case.

Columba Bush has long been deeply averse to the spotlight, especially after an embarrassing encounter with U.S. Customs while her husband was still in office.

Donors also wonder whether Bush is willing to subject his family and their personal lives to the inevitable scrutiny that comes with a national campaign. Two of his children have been in the news in past years for arrests linked to drug problems and public intoxication.

Politico goes on at some length about the family issues rehashing daughter Noelle's drug problems, son Jeb Jr.'s, arrest, and Columba's problems with U.S. Customs. All this, according to Politco, leaves Bush's potential donors in a tizzy.

Crowley Political Report dealt with these issues and others in a March report:

It is no secret that as Florida’s First Lady, Columba Bush was not having fun. She did not enjoy the attention, living in Tallahassee, or the enormous amount of time Jeb had to spend on the job.

Her time in Tallahassee was further complicated by the arrest of their daughter, Noelle, on drug charges.  Their daughter continued to struggle for years. The family rarely speaks publicly about Noelle. In most stories, you can find sons George P. (who is running for Texas Land Commissioner) and Jeb Jr., but not a word about Noelle.

That would end the moment her father becomes a candidate for president.

CPR's conclusion - Jeb is not running largely for family reasons.

Politico's story seems to suggest a lot of folks think Crowley Political Report is right. 



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I would suggest that Jeb and his family emigrate to Mexico so he can run for president there. He would fit right in and maybe he could keep El Chapo Guzmán locked up.


I hope you are correct about Jeb Bush deciding NOT to run - not only does he not seem to impart a strong presence but he is certainly burdened by his wife. I think Americans prefer a first lady who speaks English in the White House rather than Spanish which I hear is spoken exclusively in the Jeb Bush household. I vote no to Columba Bush.

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