Charlie Crist gets a surpise visitor
Rick Scott an American Comeback

Charlie Crist dismisses Lopez Cantera with "gimme Scott"

This was a classic Charlie Crist moment.

But first. 

The Democratic candidate for governor arrived Monday at the non-partisan Forum Club of the Palm Beaches where nearly 700 had gathered to hear Crist talk about his campaign to oust Republican Rick Scott from the governor's mansion.

One surprise guest at the event was newly-minted Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera, who sat near the front while Crist spoke to the crowd and answered questions.

When Lopez-Cantera was acknowledged by the president of the Forum Club, Crist stood up and waved at Scott's LG.

Crist gave an aggressive speech.

He called Scott someone who has governed "like this, embrace the ideological fringe, take care of his friends, bully his opponents, hide from the public and the press, and run from tough issues.” 

Other Crist moments:

"You deserve a governor who wakes up everday thinking about you."

"Carlos, it's good to see you. Welcome."

"My record is pretty clear - putting the people first."

"Right now Florida doesn’t have an economic plan unless you count flying around in your private plane and holding press conferences and giving away taxpayer money to your buddies a plan. That may be a great way to take care of your friends and raise campaign dollars, but that’s no way to create an economy that’s built to last.”

"I'm the guy who says Obamacare is great because it is."

Carlos is one of the good Republicans "I know he has a good heart. I know my friend."

Now for the classic moment featuring Charlie and Carlos.

Immediately after the speech, Lopez-Cantera met with reporters to offer his take on Crist's remarks. Basically, he called Crist a liar. But let's roll the video from The Palm Beach Post, it says it all. Click on photo to see Post video.

Crist Forum Club



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A real estate guy

Scott & his do-boy =Scumbags!!!!

Vote for Charlie & tell your fam & friends to do the same!

David Goodlette

90% foam 10% beer......biggest phony I seen in the political game.....and I've seen plenty

Ben Starling

Pretty surprised at the rather lukewarm response Crist received... I figured it would be a slam dunk for him at the Forum Club. Even his party faithful were not nearly as energetic.

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