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Charlie Crist loses another one

People who have worked with Charlie Crist talk about how frustrating it can be. The former Florida Governor is known to listen to his father for advice and very few others. In fact, Crist listens mostly to Crist.

Folks who have worked with Crist describe it as an often frustrating experience. Crist could toss out a whole day of planning based on, well, often no one really knew why.

Today, Crist lost his second senior campaign staffer - spokesman Eric Conrad. He has been with the Crist campaign nearly an entire week. Yup, a week.

That is longer than Bill Hyers who ended his tenure as Crist campaign manager before the ink was dry on the contract.

Many, including Crist, gave George LeMieux much of the credit for Crist's successful run for governor in 2006. Crist dubbed LeMieux the "maestro" and when Mel Martinez stepped down as U.S. Senator, Crist rewarded LeMieux by appointing him to replace Martinez.

LeMieux could get very frustrated with Crist but he managed the candidate and the campaign well enough to win the GOP primary and defeat Democrat Jim Davis.

The magic seemed to disappear when Crist ran as an independent for the U.S. Senate in 2010. LeMieux, safely in the Senate, abandoned Crist as did most of his GOP campaign staff.

Now, what appears to some to be a chaotic campaign to return to the govenor's mansion, Crist risks shaking the confidence of his Democratic supporters.

Republican Governor Rick Scott has had not shortage of problems with his campaign staff, but Scott has the advantage of being the incumbent and plans to spend $100 million - a figure far greater than Crist can expect to spend.

Chatting with Crist on Monday, Crowley Political Report thought Crist seemed weary.

Crist needs to be careful that he does not make his campaign staff weary of him.

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