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A look back at Jeb Bush and clan on NBC

 This weekend, the extended family and friends of former President George H. W. Bush are gathering to celebrate his 25th anniversary of becoming preisdent.

If you enjoy physcobabbling you will enjoy watching the body language of Jeb and his big brother George.

The video and explanantion is from NBC News:

This year marks a milestone for the Bush family: the 25th anniversary of President George H. W. Bush’s presidency. The George Bush Presidential Library Foundation is celebrating the 41st president’s legacy with a series of events this weekend, starting tomorrow.

One of the most closely-watched speakers is sure to be Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, whom many consider a possible frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, if he decides to run. But George H.W. Bush’s children, including of course the 43rd President, George W. Bush, have been part of their father’s public image long before they had political careers of their own.

 In 1986, NBC’s TODAY Show profiled the four sons of Vice President Bush, who was then running for President, noting that despite living in four different states, all had been backing their father throughout the election season. The five men appeared on the program to celebrate Father’s Day.



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