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Rick Scott's new ad about Charlie Crist

Governor Rick Scott has a new campaign ad that attempts to slip a political noose around former Governor Charlie Crist for his support of ObamaCare.

The ad takes a snippet from a CNN interview Candy Crowley (no relation) where Crist tells her that he thinks ObamaCare is "great' for Floridians.

Republicans are convinced that anyone who says anything nice about ObamaCare is politically doomed. 

Could this be bigger than the hug?

With Scott still trailing Crist in the polls, his campaign sure hopes so.

The ad, from Scott's Let's Get to Work reelection committee, is the second ad tying Crist to ObamaCare. The first was released three months ago. Its impact appears to have been minimal since Scott still struggles to close the gap.

The new ad is part of a much wider campaign effort to move voters away from Crist.

Below is the new ad, and the previous ad.



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