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 Struggling in the polls with most Florida voters saying they do not believe he deserves a second term (Quinnipiac poll 54%), Gov. Rick Scott is starting his television campaign with an attempt to reconnect with the average voter.

We had a preview of this ad during the final minutes of his recent State of State address before a joint session of the Florida Legislature.

Scott's campaign is spending $2 million on this ad. The problem with trying to change the governor's image is that he has done this multiple times over the past three years. He's taken a stab at doing "work days," a political trademark of former Democratic Governor Bob Graham. He's offered the ban-the-tie where a casual shirt with Florida emblem image. And Scott's team has even ditched three years of the "Let's Get to Work" slogan for a new "Let's Keep Working" slogan.

Even Republicans are getting nervous. Here's a must read by the Miami Herald political writer Marc Caputo.

Does the video work for you?


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