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UPDATE: Politico has another email revealing considerable unhappiness and charges of "insulting behavior."

An excerpt: Fernandez shared his blunt view that the reelection operation was months behind schedule, pointing a finger at Scott chief of staff Adam Hollingsworth for alienating top Republican stakeholders from the Scott effort.

Republican political sage Mike Murphy responded to a Crowley Political Report tweet asking "So how long before Scott campaign announces staffer has resigned over Hispanic comments?" with "Veinticuatro horas." 

Okay, Murphy was just being observationally wry. And in a follow-up, Murphy made it clear that he's not giving advice to Scott or his campaign about what should be done.

Our view:  the clock is ticking.

As our previous report noted, the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times are reporting that two senior Rick Scott campaign staffers are being accused of making fun of Hispanics during a trip to a Mexican restaurant. 

Now, the Times/Herald have published the complete email from fundraiser Mike Fernandez where that complaint and others about the operation of the Scott campaign are offered in detail.

This does not bode well for Governor Scott who allowed his lieutenant governor - Carlos Lopez Cantera - to publicly and adamantly say the disparaging remarks were not made.

Which begs the question: why would Luis, described as Fernadez's business partner, make the claim? Would there be some reason for him to make this up? And what happens if Luis comes forward publicly?

Murphy gives Scott 24 hours. If the accusation is true - even that may be too long. The damage is already being done.

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