How long before Rick Scott staff quits over Hispanic remarks?
Rick Scott's new campaign video

Charlie Crist hits back at Rick Scott in new video

 A few days ago, Florida Gov. Rick Scott's campaign began airing an ad featuring former Gov. Charlie Crist describing ObamaCare as great. The ad is described as an "attack ad" by Scott's campaign.

Yup, his own campaign called it an attack ad. 

"Just yesterday, we launched our first attack ad against Charlie Crist" said Scott campaign spokesman Greg Blair.

 Campaign 101: don't call your ads attack ads.

So now we have the predictable counter attack from Democratic candidate Crist.

The ad opens with a male voice saying Rick Scott is "spending special interest millions to tear down Charlie Crist."

After calling Scott's ad "misleading" and "false," the voiceover says Scott wants to "take us back" to what the Crist ad portrays as a health system that abandoned even children with cancer.

Crist's ad closes posing this choice: "The governor you can trust to work with both sides to fix the problem or the one you can't trust at all."

As the ad hits the "one you can't trust at all" line, a photo of Scott when we was given a despostion is shown.

One big difference in the two ads: Scott's campaign is spending more than $2 million to put it on television. No word from the Crist campaign on what, if anything, it is spending on the ad.

The Crist ad is below. The Scott ad is here.

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