UF poll gives Charlie Crist 7 point lead over Rick Scott and does O'Reilly want Crist to win?
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Will Jeb Bush say enough is enough to Charlie Crist?

One has to wonder whether Jeb Bush is getting a bit weary of Charlie Crist evoking Bush's name at every opportunity. Crist was on television Wednesday talking to CNN's Piers Morgan and once again used the "my friend" Jeb Bush line.

Friend? Not likely.

Bush has made it pretty clear that he is not a big fan of the newly minted Democratic candidate for governor.  And while Bush may not be thrilled with Florida Governor Rick Scott , (his endosrement of Scott was a bit tepid), one can imagine him getting weary of Crist dropping his name.

This could be a dangerous political game Crist is playing. Bush has been relatively quiet about the governor's race. It is  in Crist's best interest that Bush remains silent. 

Each time Crist uses Bush as a prop, he run the risk that Bush will very publicly say - enough is enough.



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What is this like the theme for the Democrat Party? " When in doubt, blame Bush."

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