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Florida Republicans plan protests at Charlie Crist book signings

Charlie Crist does Stephen Colbert and its worth watching

Appearing on the Stephen Colbert's comedy show can be a dicey thing. Many a politician has squirmed and died on the show.

One can only imagine how well Florida Gov. Rick Scott, not known for his effervescent personality, would do with Colbert.

Among the questions Colbert asks Crist:

"You're running for governor of Florida again. Now as a Democrat against Rick Scott   Do you even have to campaign? Can't you just say - I'm Charlie Crist I used to be governor how about more of that?"

"Are you afraid of Rick Scott?"

"You're not afraid he is going to unhinge his jaw and try to swallow you? I mean you're running against a native Florida swamp creature. That doesn't frighten you in any way?"

"Reach, pull, release - are those the three words you want to use when you are talking about the President of the United States?"

"You're not going to play the race card?"

  As you can tell from the questions, Colbert is not a fan of Scott.  



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Kandy Crowe

Great interview! Go, Charlie!

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