GOP attacks while Crist says he hopes there is a brighter future tomorrow
Charlie Crist gets a new look at Crowley Political Report

Florida Democrats are desperate for a winner

While the Washington Post reports that Florida Democrats are "desperate for a winner," it is worth noting that Bill Nelson managed to win another term in the U.S Senate last year.

Still, the assessment is essentially correct. Here's a look at some of the early reporting about Charlie Crist's announcement today that he is running for governor as a Democrat against Tea Party Republican Rick Scott.

Florida Democrats are desperate for a winner because they have lost their previous four attempts at the governor’s mansion – including in 2006 to Crist. They have essentially no power in Tallahassee. With Crist, a relatively popular figure, the Democrats begin their race with tens of millions of dollars’ worth of image-making already in the bag. - Peter Wallsten, Washington Post

Get ready for the second coming of Crist. When Charlie Crist stepped to the microphones Monday in St. Petersburg, he instantly changd the dynamics of Florida politics and set in motion a 52-week campaign that could end up making history: a former governor who switches parties and attempts to unseat his successor. - Anthony Man, Sun Sentinel

Get ready for the most-negative Florida governor's race we've ever seen. Yes, we could probably say that every year. But this time it will likely be disproportionately nasty. - Marc Caputo, Miami Herald.

In declaring his candidacy, Crist rolled out a Democratic platform promising increased spending for education and infrastructure and a broad new commitment to renewable energy programs. But he also harkened to his old Republican roots, declaring, "I do believe in cutting taxes," and pledging a new cabinet-level position to promote trade. - Scott Powers, Orlando Sentinel

Crist spoke from a lectern on a small, black stage, facing north, with an American flag, a Florida flag and a huge sign that says THE PEOPLE'S GOVERNOR in white letters on a blue backdrop. -Adam Smith, Tampa Bay Times

Many state Republicans hold a personal grudge after Crist left the party in 2010 to run for U.S. Senate as an independent. He made that party switch after it became clear he was likely going to lose to U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio in the Republican primary.Soime GOP donors asked for their campaign contributions back, but Crist never gave refunds. - Matt Dixon, Florida Times Union

Charlie Crist was a failure as Governor and is a pure political opportunist who is out for himself. Under Crist, Florida lost over 800,000 jobs, saw their unemployment rate surge from 3.5 percent to 11.1 percent, and experienced a budgetary crisis that left the state sinking faster and faster. - Louisana Gov. Bobby Jindal, chairman of Republican Governors Association.


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