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Rick Scott, barbed wire, and talking to the customers

Charlie Crist and the laser focused Rick Scott

While Gov. Rick Scott is still working on determining the "criteria" for his replacement lieutenant governor, his political team over at the Republican Party of Florida remains "laser focused" on Scott's likely opponent in 2014 - former Gov.  Charlie Crist.

In the latest of a long series of videos, the GOP folks dug up an interview Crist gave CNN where he applauded Scott, the then new governor, for being "laser focused" on adding jobs. The video then bounces around showing the unemployment rate when he took office and what the rate is now.

Of course, Republicans dream of convincing voters that the collapsing economy was all Crist's fault and only through the heroic efforts of Scott, has Florida seen employment grow.

There is no question that Scott is "laser focused." It has become a joke among some in the Tallahassee press corps that no matter the question Scott is asked, he will always answer with how hard he is working to bring jobs to Florida.

Of course we know one job he could add: how about that lieutenant governor? It has been vacate since March.

Here's the latest video hot out of the editing room.


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