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Press corps skits one
Many of them have been in Florida's Capital for decades. They have seen it all.  They have a reputation as one of the toughest groups in the nation. And they are not to be fooled with or you will really tick them off.

Florida's Capital Press Corps is about to embark on another legislative session. It is a considerably smaller group than it once was. News organizations have sharply cut back and much talent has been lost.

But for those of you who dismiss the "Mainstream Media," you do so at your peril. No one looks deeper, works harder, knows more, and has more impact in Tallahassee than the Capital Press Corps.


Many of the "leaders" in Tallahassee learn this the hard way. No one has had a tougher lesson than Gov. Rick Scott who stormed the Capital two years ago with a haughty attitude toward the press corps that created a lasting anmosity. He is still paying the price.

Consider this - some of the reporters have been in Tallahassee since Bob Graham was governor. Many can name the last 10 House Speakers and Senate Presidents. 

They know how long Wayne Mixson was governor (look it up).

Of course no one is perfect. The press corps will spend the next 60 days telling readers and viewers about every tiny step in passing the state budget. After all is said and done, they will spend almost no time during the next 10 months actually following how the money is spent.

Sometimes you get the feeling that they have been in Tallahassee too long and need to spend a couple of months back at their home newspapers to get a better feel for their readers. They might learn that no one cares that the deputy assistant to the assistant deputy has been transferred from the who-cares Senate Committee to the who-cares House Committee.

But that is nitpicking. When it matters, there is no tougher group of reporters. They carry on a long tradition that dates back to the 1970s when reporters like Bob Shaw, Virginia Ellis, John Van Gieson, Barbara Frye, Bill Mansfield, and others raised hell.

Who do you think are the best reporters in Tallahassee today?

Bonus points if you can name reporters in photo above.

  Press corps


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great man :D

Brian E. Crowley

David is right. Laurie Hollman of the St. Petersburg Times Tallahassee Bureau. She later worked at the Philadephia Inquirer but I have no idea where she is today.

David Dahl

That Laurie Hollman, folks.

Brian E. Crowley

Rosanne...ask him if he still has the helmet.

Brian E. Crowley

Craig....I'll give you a hint...she worked at the Times.

Rosanne Dunkelberger

I wasn't sure it was Lloyd — and he's my husband!

Craig Pittman

I could be wrong but...Lloyd Dunkelberger, Joe Bizarro, Ed George & you, Brian...but I don't know the woman in the big hat (it's not Marjory Stoneman Douglas, though).

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