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RNC, the War Room, Jon Voight and more

RNC and bad hair, Iran, Isaac and urinal ads

Overheard in the lobby of the downtown Tampa Hyatt where the Wisconsin delegation is staying for the Republican National Convention:

A woman, her hair a mess - "Now I believe there is a Republican war on women. Look what this place does to my hair."

There may not have been much conventioneering because of Hurricane Isaac but as conventions always do, there were some choice moments. 

A few tidbits and observations:

To say the police presence here is noticeable is to put it mildly. Tampa has turned into an armed camp. This Tweet sums it up:

@Mrsralphreed: When I lived in Iran under martial was not as bad as it is at the @GOPconvention!!!

Poor Mitt Romney. Not only does the Republican nominee have to share coverage with Hurricane Isaac but he also has been forced to give up air time to breaking news that Snooki had a baby.

Apparently some journalists think talking about Romney being a Mormon is a sensitive topic. CNN was exploring the issue with these words on the screen -The "M" word. 

The "M" word? Really?

Meanwhile, the National Federation of Pachyderm Clubs is setting up shop at the convention. We don't think it is a "Save the Elephants" conservation society.

Young TV reporter, "I'm looking for a delegate to interview are you a delegate?" Sorry. No.

Remember this time four years ago when Sarah Palin was the big star of the convention?

Tampa television station on-air message to convention delegates:

"We are the lightning capitol of the world"

"Humidity is not your friend"

"Don’t feed the seagulls"

Gingrich just walked by with his mini entourage....and with the look of a man who desperately wants to be important again.

From National Journal: “The split screen is a killer,” said Ari Fleischer (a reference to convention and hurricane coverage on sames days).

One steps inside the men's room of a very nice hotel and finds an elegant looking, postcard size, invitation featuring all the symbolism of the convention. The invite is to a downtown Tampa bar. Each urinal has an invite carefully placed on each urinal.

Take one with you?



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