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America's next Bush?

New Romney ad suggests Obama not a fan of Israel

In a new ad targeted to Jewish voters - a key group for President Obama in South Florida - Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney attempts to leave the impression that Obama is not a fan of Israel.

Romney points out that Obama has not visited Israel since becoming president - but that has been common practice among both Republican and Democratic presidents. And Romney again offers his strong support for the idea that Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel

The Obama administration has followed the practice of previous administrations by being more nuanced about the future of Jerusalem

Is the ad a cheap shot? Perhaps, but both campaigns have been guilty of cheap shots. Will it have an impact on Jewish voters? Obviously the Romney camp thinks it will.



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Matt McLaughlin

If the GOP desired a Zionist for its nomination for President, it screwed up. Mitt's not Zionist. Check his credentials. The Mormon church's most used phrase for the Israeli/non-Israeli conflict is, '...we don't take sides'. Catholics, many Muslims and Ronn Paul want Jerusalem international. Bibi needs to get this Iran existential threat going or Israel will be plum fresh out of the victim business.

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