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Obama cartoon
There has been lots of gnashing of teeth over the idea that Mitt Romney just doesn't "get it"  - whatever "it" is. It is true that the Republican presidential candidate is less than inspiring. But the sizzle that was once Barack Obama is beginning to feel bit more like fizzle.

Today we learned that unemployment is still 8.2 percent. Job growth is weak. The overall economy is still shuddering. In parts of Florida, unemployment remains in double digits. Many of those who are working are making less money. Some have multiple jobs to help makes ends meet. 

Is it any wonder why so many Florida voters are in a foul mood?

The Obama campaign still seems to be struggling with a message about to improve the economy. At this point the greatest strength of the Obama campaign is the weakness of the Romney campaign.

Is anyone feeling inspired by either candidate? 

Florida voters are just weary. And the independents that both campaigns are counting on, could decide to just stay home.

There is one bright spot in the economy - top campaign consultants are making a fortune even if their work, so far, has been less than impressive.

Here's the latest television ad from Crossroads GPS:


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