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Donald Trump proves Sarasota Republicans are either brilliant or idiots

First a hat-tip to the Tampa Bay Times for popping this tidbit - the Sarasota Republican Party has named Donald Trump "Statesman of the Year."

The part-time Palm Beach resident and full-time blow-hard, is renowned for waking up each morning with a new idea for how to get his name in front of the media. With his birther "investigation" apparently still underway, Trump has proven time and time again that having a great deal of money does not protect one from being an idiot.

Trump sarasota

So what are the fine folks in Sarasota thinking? 

Best guess....they knew Trump would get them tons of publicity. And he will. Unfortunately, even their fellow Florida Republicans are going to be clucking about this decision.

Statesman of the Year?

On behalf of the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce - it's only a joke. Right?



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Steve (Construction Contractor)

I'm going with brilliant on this one and I think more would have agreed with me prior to him being the political figure he is today.


Sorry, being a pompous ass -- whose primary response to criticism is to call the critic "a loser" -- does not make one a statesman.

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