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Connie Mack and Dave Weldon finally debate

Debate? Who says Connie Mack won't debate. Why we have it right here - a debate between Mack and Dave Weldon. These two Republican, Florida senate candidates really mix it up.

Well sort of.

Actually, it is a somewhat odd and amusing attempt by Weldon to have a faux video debate with Mack who has already declared himself the GOP nominee.

In fact, from Mack's point of view, Republican voters can just go ahead and skip the GOP primary because Mack is the self-appointed nominee. This clearly annoys Weldon who spent a considerable amount of time making this video.

So pull up a chair, turn up the volume and watch Florida's version of the Great Debate.



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Jane Spalholz

Hi Nancy and Dave!

What a great idea! Praying for your VICTORY! We need more people like Dave serving our country. We are so proud.
Telling everyone I know!



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