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Just watching this video can be exhausting. Folks are running - literally - all over the place. And while the video hammers President Obama, it is not until the final seconds of this 90-second video that you find out who the ad is really about.

David Weldon.

The former Florida congressman is still trying to pull ahead of U.S. Rep. Connie Mack in the race for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate.  This week, Weldon received the endorsement of  the Tampa Bay Times. To say that the Mack campaign did not take kindly to the Weldon endorsement is putting it mildly.

Mack campaign manager, Jeff Cohen, fired off a lengthy nasty-gram to Times editorial page editor Tim Nickens (he also takes on Times political editor Adam Smith). Some excerpts:

 Adam Smith and your newspaper have been waging a tireless campaign against conservatives and Republicans. You always have and apparently you always will. It’s evident in every political story you write.

 . . .

Your attacks on Connie are reminiscent of your brutal attacks on his father when he ran for the U.S. Senate. It’s fair to state that former Senator Connie Mack was perhaps the finest U.S. Senator to have ever served, but your Left Wing venom could not be contained then or now.

. . .

It’s your newspaper and it’s your right to cover or manufacture news however you like.  
But what people find offensive and intellectually dishonest is your refusal to admit that Adam Smith’s agenda is Left Wing and Democrat, as is your newspaper. You have and will endorse Bill Nelson and Barack Obama in spite of the fact that their records are dismal and they have failed Floridians at almost every level.

. . .

It’s the Tampa Bay Times’ right to be the National Enquirer of Florida politics. And it’s Adam Smith’s 1st Amendment right to attack Connie, so long as he doesn’t cross the line of slander or libel, of course.
But at least Adam Smith and the Tampa Bay Times should have the decency to admit they are Left Wing Democrats whose circulation is declining because their Left Wing agenda is offensive to so many rational conservative voters.
Your readers deserve at least that much.

Gosh, we sure hope the Mack campaign feels better. Although we're not sure we would have recommended using such a pugnacious tone. Perhaps Mack should sound a bit more senatorial.

Meanwhile back to Dr. Weldon (he is a physician).  Here's his video. You may need to catch your breath when it is over.


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