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It all seems a little silly. A young man with the group We Are Change, breathlessly chases Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio through several ballrooms trying to get him to answer a question about the Bilderberg Group.

We Are Change describes this video thusly:

"Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange confronts U.S. Senator for Florida Marco Rubio on Bilderberg. Watch Luke navigate hotel obstacles to repeatedly find & confront the Senator."

Well there is a lot of dodging and weaving and scurrying about but to what end? And poor Luke actually thinks he is being quite bold here and showing those silly folks in the media how it's really done.

We actually sort of like Luke's moxie.



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Brennan Newfield

I hope these Bilderberg criminals have to answer for their crimes one day... Some of these crooks need to be deported! Their time is coming: the public is becoming more aware of their activities. This article ( explains it pretty well.

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