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Shocking: Allen West supports tax hikes

AllenWestWell pick us up off the floor, dust us off and repeat that - really? Allen West supports tax hikes for the citizens of the United States of America?

The short answer is Yup. No wonder the Club for Growth recently gave him a very low Tea Party rating and questioned West's Tea Party credentials.

Crowley Political Report received this tidbit from Think Progress which reports that:

"Perhaps the most beloved member of the freshman Republican class, Rep. Allen West (R-FL) made a startling announcement on Tuesday: he’s willing to discuss raising taxes in order to address the nation’s budget shortfall.

The Tea Party congressman’s concession came at a small town hall meeting in Pompano Beach."

And they have video to prove it (see video below).

 Say what you want about TP and their motives but by golly they have the video to prove it.

After the Republican Congressman goes to some length to explain that after every effort is made to slash the federal budget - then, and only then - he would be willing to ask the American people to raise taxes.

His words folks:

"Now, once we get to a point where we have waxed out the federal government, we have eliminated a lot of that waste, fraud, and abuse, then it certainly comes to the American people to talk about raising taxes as a means to make sure we keep our debt and our deficit at a manageable level."

Is this a shocking betrayal of the Tea Party? 

Is West leaning a bit toward those tax raising communists in the Democratic Party?

Is West a RINO? (Club for Growth seems to think so. In a look at how the 87 freshmen voted on issues important to the Tea Party - West is tied for 54the place with a score of 64 percent.

Apparently for all his tough talk about standing up against the establishment that would destroy the United States of America - the Club for Growth is convinced that West is weak tea).

You decide. Here's the video:



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