Did Rick Scott make a royal oops with the king of Spain?
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Scott apologizes for elephant remark to king of Spain

Crowley Political Report apparently caused a bit of excitement this morning when we reported exclusively about Florida Gov. Rick Scott's chat about elephants with the King of Spain.

It certainly didn't take long for news organizations to grab the story and run with it. Some were kind enough to note where they found the story. Now the Miami Herald is reporting that when Scott returned to Miami today, he apologized for his mistake.

From the Herald:

Gov. Rick Scott told reporters in Miami on Thursday that he is sorry if he embarrassed Spanish King Juan Carlos by bringing up an embarrassing elephant-hunt scandal when the two men met as part of the governor's trade mission to Spain.

"If I did anything to do -- anything wrong -- I completely apologize," Scott said upon his arrival at Miami International Airport. "The king's a wonderful person. He's a wonderful world leader. He's done so many wonderful things in his life. And we had a great conversation."



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