Now here's a tough TV campaign ad
Obama's new Florida ad

LeMieux takes one in the gut is his campaign doomed?

ElerMitt Romney stuck himself smack in the middle of Florida's U.S. senate primary today with his endorsement of Connie Mack. Is it a risk? Maybe.

But for George LeMieux, Romney's endorsement of Mack is truly bad news. Most GOP voters may not care but the fine folks who write checks are likely to care deeply.

There is no question that Mack is a flawed candidate. His campaign seems to bank more on the family name than the achievements of Mack the younger.  Still, no matter how hard LeMieux tries he struggles to get ahead of Mack.

Florida's GOP senate primary has been a mess with candidates dropping in and out - remember Mike Hariodopolos and Adam Hasner?  Most recently, Jeff Atwater flirted with getting into the race and now former Congressman Dave Weldon is taking a look.

Clearly Romney is paying Mack back for his endorsement of Romney during the Florida primary. And his nod to Mack might discourage Weldon from getting in the race. As for LeMieux, he is not doomed but his odds of winning took a hit today.

Here is what Romney said about Mack:

“Connie Mack is a friend, a strong conservative and the type of principled leader we need in Washington to restore fiscal responsibility. By electing Connie Mack, the people of Florida will be sending a clear message to Senator (Bill) Nelson and President Obama that their failed policies have not worked to change the borrow-and-spend ways of Washington.”

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Here's another punch. LeMieux put Jim Greer in a position to take over GOP fundraising which, in turn, put Greer in the ideal place to skim fundraising proceeds. Now Greer is under indictment for siphoning off hundreds of thousands of dollars from GOP fundraising proceeds. What does that say about LeMieux?

Kevin Cerino

This isn't the worst part of LeMieux's day. Charlie Crist has admitted that LeMieux recommended Jim Greer for state party chair:

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