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This is not the perfect ad but Crossroads GPS is on the money with its new ad appearing in Florida. Opening with a scene of a couple of kids playing basketball and the voiceover of a worried mother, the Karl Rove inspired Crossroads GPS ad suggests disappointment and weariness with President Obama and his economic policies.

The "mom" in this video worries that her kids "can't find jobs" and she "can't afford to retire."

As the scene morphs the kids into adults, mom says wearily "and now we're all living together again."  She goes on to say that she "supported Obama's agenda but he spent like our country's credit card had not limit." 

The opening scenes of this ad will strike a cord with many Florida voters who have struggled during the recession, have watched their kids hunt desperately for jobs, and worry about their retirement.

They may not blame Obama but this ad cleverly makes the case that his administration has not made their lives easier.

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