Romney campaigns in Florida will Tea Party support him?
Rick Santorum gets serious about Florida

Romney and the three colored dog

Lady with dog

UPDATE: Finally, a picture.

Crowley Political Report is hunting down a picture. We think you would enjoy it. While Mitt Romney was onstage talking to several hundred supporters in West Palm Beach, Florida, a woman strolled in clutching her little white dog.

The little white dog had the obligatory American Flag motiff scarf but this woman was far more creative.

She dyed one of the dog's ears blue. The other red. Ditto the paws.

(Note: those of you who about Romney's dog problem may not be amused but this woman had nothing to do with it).

Romney started speaking to the crowd at about 12:13 and wrapped it up at about 12:37. 

If you have watched any of Romney's speeches over the last few months, you've heard the one he gave in West Palm Beach - Obama is lousy president, Romney can fix the economy, etc.

As the crowd cheered, Romney said - "The president is running out of ideas and he is running out of excuses...and he is running out of time."

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Photo by Nora McAlvanah, FlDemocracy2012


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potty train dog

This is not laziness; it is efficiency. I may not have the latter, and I am working on the former, but regarding Mitt Romney’s sociopathic, white racist ways, I called out his shenanigans


john f.:If I was still an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I would indeed be averse to him becoming the most recognized public face of the faith. First, he would further reinforce the stereotype that LDS are, as Seth so well put it, narrow-minded conservative throwbacks. Given that I did not fit that stereotype while I was an active member of the LDS church, I hate to see that stereotype reinforced on a rather grand scale. Second, he has repeatedly changed his publicly-stated views on a variety of issues, each time conveniently to fit the demographic wherein he is running for office. He has done this so often, that I am unable to conclude that he is an honest man. I would be concerned that he might commit an unethical act, which would, due to his position, reflect badly upon the LDS church.Third, he has made more than one public statement which I would frankly expect faithful LDS to find offensive. Take, for example, his public joke that he believes marriage should be between a man and a woman, and another woman, etc. Take, for another example, his recent comment that he couldn't imagine anything more awful than polygamy. I don't care that the majority of modern LDS would probably leave the church if plural marriage came back. Romney has shown, by his words, that he is completely willing to mock and/or repudiate principles which have been sacred to members of the LDS church, not to mention his own ancestors. This one makes me angry even as a FORMER member of the LDS church.Fourth, Romney represents the so-called gospel of prosperity, which is already far too rampant in LDS culture. Seeing an extremely wealthy mbemer of the church elevated to such a position would only exacerbate that problem, I believe.Fifth, Romney's political views are, in my opinion, incongruent with those of a person who allegedly believes the U.S. Constitution was divinely inspired.I could go on, but this should be enough to make it clear that I'm not making a mere knee-jerk reaction here.


Diana, From your cemnomt I can only assume you are as ignorant and bigoted as Al Sharpton. I am a Mormon. All of my family for generations have been Mormons. I literally know thousands of Mormons. Every Mormon I have ever known believes Jesus is the Son of God and is deity. We worship him and pray in his name. We perform all ordinances in his name. We believe he is the creator of the universe and that all power in the universe is derived from him. We know that man can only be saved through his grace and infinite sacrifice. I am sick of people trying to tell me what I believe and misrepresenting my religion. I am exhausted from having my faith maligned daily in the press from all sides without any repercussions. I'd also like to see some reciprocity from the Christian Right when it comes to Mormonism. There is no voting block more firmly behind the Christian Right agenda than the Mormons, but I guess a Mormon can't count on that support in return.

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