Newt Gingrich wants revenge, Romney needs Florida, Santorum still a longshot
Will Newt Gingrich disappoint Palm Beach GOP?

Rick Perry decides to stick it out in South Carolina and Florida

BREAKING NEWS - Multiple news sources are saying that Rick Perry has decided to stay in the race for Republican presidential nomination.

Crowley Political Report and a gazillion other twitter followers of Perry received this tweet just a few minutes ago: @GovernorPerry: And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State...Here we come South Carolina!!!

This has caused the Twitter world to go wild.

At this point the talk is that Perry will participate in the upcoming New Hampshire debates but focus his energy on South Carolina and Florida.

Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann quit and Ron Paul remains persistant. 

What will it mean with Perry staying in the race? The hunch here - Perry believes he will have the money to compete in Florida and steal the nomination from Mitt Romney. And where does this leave Rick Santorum?


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