Sometimes the news media just gets carried away
Does Rick Santorum have a snowball's chance in Florida

Politico poll puts Gingrich within reach of defeating Romney

On Wednesday evening, a score of enthusiatic supporters of Newt Gingrich waved sign at motorists in Boca Raton. A member of the Crowley Political Report team reports that many drivers honked their horns and waved in support of Gingrich.

Could it be that the former House Speaker, is catching on in Florida?

Mitt Romney's campaign remains a formidable machine but the newest polls suggest Romney is still struggling to win the hearts of GOP primary voters.

A new Politico poll released Thursday morning shows Gingrich within striking distance of Romney in South Carolina.

"The poll finds Romney atop the GOP field with 37 percent and Gingrich at 30 percent. Ron Paul trails with 11 percent, followed by Rick Santorum at 10 percent and Rick Perry, who barely registers at four percent. Just eight percent remain undecided."

Many of the voters who will show up at the polls for the Jan. 31 Florida primary are likely to Tea Party supporting conservatives - folks not terribly fond of Romney.

What will likely save Romney in Florida is absentee ballots and possibly the start of early voting. Gingrich simple didn't catch fire when absentee ballots were being cast. 

Still, if Gingrich wins or comes very close to Romney in South Carolina, a victory in Florida could take Gingrich to the nomination.

Rear more of Politico here.

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As a Ron Paul suotprper I have received what I believe to be more than my fair share derisive comments. I support Dr. Paul because he seems to espouse the same goals as I do, smaller government and a return to the Constitutional principals that made us the ideal other nations aspired to emulate. I left the Republican Party after Reagan's first term because I was very unhappy with several of his decisions while in office. Since then I have come to realize that the Framers of our Constitution got it right and anything that differed from their original intentions only served to benefit a select minority of our population as opposed to the citizenry as a whole. I am a strict Constitutionalist and if the Constitution authorizes it then I will support it . If not then it falls under the authority of the States or the Individual. I am no Paul Bearer and I am more than willing to debate any so called conservative on this issue and I won't need to call anyone a drone a puppet or whatever the equivalent of a Ronulan is . And if you can clearly and concisely make a persuasive argument you won't even have to punch me in the testicles to bring me around. I am open to reason, how about y'all? Now I looked at all the legitimate candidates, Romney, Perry, Gingrich, Cain and in my opinion they all are flawed. Yes Ron Paul has succeeded in bringing some pork to his district AND maintained a perfect voting record on Constitutional issues. But you know what nobody is perfect and for him to have remained as clean as he has in that cesspool on the Potomac for over 20 years is a remarkable achievement in its own right. So ask yourselves this question Do I oppose Ron Paul for President because I disagree with his position or because what he proposes is unconstitutional? I can support and work with someone I disagree with but I don't believe I can do either with someone who doesn't care to follow the Rule of Law. In my opinion, if who ever was in charge would at least abide by the Constitution we might be able to start digging our way out of this mess.Reply

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