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Newt gets women roaring in Florida

So what do you when you might be a bit concerned that an ex-wife will turn women against your campaign for president? Part of the Newt Gingrich strategy appears to be launching the "I-4 Women Roar" in Orlando.

More from the Gingrich campaign:

At the annual “I-4 Women Roar” event, Newt 2012 FL announced its Coalition of Women with Newt.  “These conservative women endorse Newt Gingrich as the candidate who will stand for our conservative values, apply bold solutions to the big issues facing our country, and return our belief in American Exceptionalism,” said Debbie Cox Roush, Florida State Director of Newt 2012 FL County Chairs. “Every one of these Mama Grizzlies are leaders, organizers and supporters who bring special energy and unique resources to our campaign across the state,” continued Cox-Roush.   

We are honored to announce Newt 2012 FL Coalition of Women with Newt:

Leadership Team:

State Co-Chair, The Honorable Gayle Harrell, State Representative (St. Lucie County)

State Co-Chair, The Honorable Debbie Mayfield, State Representative (Indian River County)

State Co-Chair, The Honorable Mary Collins, City Council (Miami Dade County)

State Co-Chair, Jerry Buchanan, Activist            (Orange County)

Director, Debbie Cox Roush (Hillsborough County) 


 Coalition Members: Lois Adams; AshleyAnastasi; Andrea Anthony; Harris Auleen; Kim Bacchus; Bonnie Bagshaw; Lynette Baprisa; Donna Barron; Daphene Baxter; Kim Black; Virgina Bomford; Donna Bundy; Joy Burgess; Marilyn Butler; Dotti Cahill; Miriam Cajigas; Rae Capen;Janeen Capizola; Jolien Caraballo; Pamela Carp; AshleyCarr; Kim Carroll; Carol Carter;Marguerite Cavanagh;              Kelly Clem-Rickon; Ruth Cobberly; Nancy Collier; Linda Corbitt; Doris Cortese; Ruby Cruciona;   Linda Davis; Kay Day; Gail Thomas Dewitt; Eva Di Gioia;Tami Donnally; Debra Dove; Clarice Drexler; Linda Dufort; Lisa Elay; Judy England; Sheri Esken; Mayra Etayo-DeCocq; Anne Fanelli;                  Karen Filson; Charlotte Flynt; Darlene Fortuine; Patricia Garabrant;  Barbara Garrison; Sharon Gates; Gayle Giles; Phyllis Griffith; Susie Haines; Maria Hans; Harbison-Schibik; Nancy Haynes;                Denise Haywald; Debbie Heard; Rhonda Herborn; Maria Hernandez; Karin Hoffman; Pam Holden; Christina Hunt; Sheryll Huseonica; Linda Ivell;Hoten Jen; Elder Jennifer; Anne Johnson; Robin Johnson; Dr. Evelyn Kelly; Dr. Marilyn Lajoie; Ann Landry; Suzanne Laney; Robin Lankford; Diana Larsen; Melissa Lefko; Yvonne Locker; Jennifer Lydic; Iculano Margaret; Mary Mazzucco; Catherine McGuire; Mary McLean;Joan McMahon; Susan Meece; Michelle Metheny; Teresa Murray;                 Leydi Nunez; Judy O'Donnell; Linda Osborne; Mary Ann Patan; Nina Pilon; Jennifer Priek;                  Betty Ramey; Kelly Ranier; Patty Redlich; Flora Reece; Theresa Rhoden; Murray Rhonda; Sylvia Rice; Nancy Riley; Monica Rodriguez; Bonnie Rogers; Thellie Roper; Sandra Ross; Barbara Rumpel; Anita Santiago; Diane Scargil; Pat Schultz; Sharon Shealey; Shirley Sims; Mary Snyder;                 Donna Solze; JoAnne Spelling; Syrina Sullivan; Kate Svagdis; Karen Sweeny; Sandi Trusso; Maureen Valentino; Brooks Wallis; Pam Ward; Diane Warren; Ruth Waters; Linda Watson; BJ West; Scarlett Williams; Rebecca Wilson   ### 

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