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Marco Rubio explains the Hispanic vote in Florida

Hispanic voters have become the focus of attention for much of the media during the past couple of days as Florida's GOP Jan. 31 primary draws closer. 

As Crowley Political Report noted in an earlier post, Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has a column in The Washington Post today where he warns Republicans that Hispanic voters are drifting away from the GOP. He offers the party four things they can do to bring Hispanic voters into the fold.

This morning, Florida U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio was featured on CBS This Morning, where he talked about the diversity of Hispanics and the issues that are important to them. And as is required in any media appearance by Rubio, he was obliged to answer questions about becoming the nominee for vice president.

Rubio calls the race for president, "close, yes, close."

He goes on to say that the importance of  moving up Florida's primary has been proven because "what you are watching now is that all the major issues that our country is facing are being confronted in Florida."

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