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A little more than six weeks ago, Florida Republicans gave Herman Cain a gift.  Giving Cain 37 percent of the vote in a straw ballot at Presidency 5 in September, GOP convention delegates shoved Cain to the front of the presidential campaign pack.

Cain more than doubled the vote of second and third place finishers Rick Perry (15 percent) and Mitt Romney (14 percent).

On Wednesday, Cain returns to Florida a different candidate. He will make stops in Miami, Coral Springs and West Palm Beach at time when some are questioning whether Cain's race for the GOP nomination is now doomed.

He has been haunted by multiple accusations of sexual harassment. He has repeatedly and firmly called his accusers liars. Cain's wife, Gloria, appeared on FOX News Monday night with Greta Van Susteren to defend her husband.

But while she was defending him, Cain got himself into trouble over Libya.

Yes, Libya.  

Cain looked confused and unsure about the issue. Here's how CBS reported the incident. Crowley Political Report has seen the full interview and the CBS clip is a fair representation.


A bit of good news today for Cain came from a Bloomberg News poll of likely Iowa caucus voters - Cain is at 20 percent, Ron Paul, 19 percent, Mitt Romney, 18 percent and Newt Gingrich, 17 percent.

Cain watchers will be looking closely at how he performs in Florida on Wednesday.  How big will the crowds be? Do they care about the sexual harassment questions? Do Florida Republicans think Cain can win? 

If you want to see Cain in action, you have three opportunities (events are free and open to the public):

11:45 AM – Versailles Restaurant, 3555 Southwest 8th Street, Miami

1:45 PM - Wings Plus, 9880 West Sample Road, Coral Springs

5:00 PM - Palm Beach County Convention Center, 650 Okeechobee Boulevard, West Palm Beach

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