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60 Minutes report on Florida's homeless children

If you missed this segment on 60 minutes, you should watch it. These homeless children are in Seminole County, Florida. 

Two of the children in this report, Austin and Arielle Metzger, live in a truck with their father. These are two amazing kids. 

And the story begs the question - should this be an issue in the 2012 election?



UPDATE: Here is a link to the Seminole County School District with information about how to donate to help homeless children.


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Wes Bankard

The story last night has really effected me and I've thought deeply about it most of the day. I could not believe my eyes or ears and something needs to be done. Is there anyway I could help this family (Austin and Arielle) out in some way. Possibly food or clothing or something. I want to help in some way! I thought maybe I could deliver goods to them but how would I find them?? I have a travel trailer sitting in my driveway . . . Is there a camp ground near them who would discount there stay or provide a site for free??? Hopefully someone will write back as to what I can do to aid in any way. I am a Navy Veteran who served my country proudly. No person especially a child should be in this situation!!

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