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LeMieux takes shot at Nelson and Mack but ignores Hasner

Crowley Political Report wonders if this new web ad by former U.S. Senator George LeMieux is not in fact taking hard shot at Adam Hasner.

How you ask?

After all,  the ad talks about Republican Congressman Connie Mack, the newest entry in the GOP primary for Florida U.S. Senate, and Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson.

Not a word about Republican Adam Hasner.

Perhaps the not so subtle message here is that Hasner is not to be taken seriously. By targeting Mack, who has yet to formally announce his campaign, and Nelson, LeMieux seems to be conveying that he may be a tad more worried about Mack than Hasner.

Should he be?

At this point, we need to hear a lot more from the Mack folks before voters can take him seriously.

Here's the LeMieux video:


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Jennifer Smith

It's not a shot at Hasner, it's a sign of panic from George. LeMieux realizes that Mack will draw votes and money away from him; Hasner loses little with Mack's entry. LeMieux's private message has been "I have name ID, DC fundraising contacts & I'm electable in the general". Mack is that x10. Hasner didn't even have to alter his message-that's how alike LeMieux & Mack can be perceived.

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