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Crowley Political Report got an email from Florida Republican Senate candidate George LeMieux. Oh wait, he sent this to everyone.

Anyway, this is LeMieux's "Four Freedoms Plan" - these include "freedom to work, freedom from debt, freedom from foreign independence and free to pursue the American dream."

LeMieux even gives a nod to Norman Rockwell - not likely to help him with the under 30 voter. He also likes the word "crushing."

Among his ideas:

Cut corporate tax rate to 25 percent. No government bailouts. Repeal "crushing" regulations. Establish a national right to work law.

Plus the usual cap spending, cut spending, reform spending. Toss in means testing for Social Security and Medicare and raising the retirement age.

Let's not forget banning earmarks, freezing salaries for all federal employees (oops, except the military), and, our favorite "for every two employees who retire, only one should be hired."

Does that include members of Congress?

 LeMieux would also allow oil and gas drilling "100 miles off our coast." (like in the Bahamas? Cuba?)

Let's not forget "Repeal Obamacare," school choice, abolish Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, oh and get rid of more of those "crushing regulations."

You can read LeMieux's plan here.

LeMieux is facing Adam Hasner and Mike McCalister in Florida's GOP primary.

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