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Another is too, is not, featuring Geoge LeMieux and Adam Hasner

Sometimes Florida's U.S. Senate races feels a bit like a middle school tussle among kids arguing over whether Superman or Batman is the toughest crimefighter.

Our kids are fighting over who is SuperConservativeMan.  Or is that BatConservativeman. Maybe SpiderConservativeMan.

Anyway, Adam Hasner and George LeMieux are donning their capes and masks each proclaiming to be the real Conservative Superhero.

Of course they are.

The latest version of this cosmic squabble comes from the LeMieux website

Yup, this is the level of debate in Florida politics. The site features a cartoon image of Hasner wearing a court-jester's hat.

And, are you surprised, a video.

Sorry kids, no cartoon before the movie.


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