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Bob, no one is anksig Crowley to "be an expert in constitutional law." It doesn't take a lawyer to know all he had to do was walk away. Perhaps his police training leaves something to be desired.

jj cambell

West speaks for the Majority of Floridians who are sick of having a minority of radical Liberals setting agendas for them.
Now we just need to get rid of Senator Nelson and Wasserman and Florida will flourish.

Brian E. Crowley

John...thank you. Usually the comments only come when I write something critical of West...Brian

Brian E. Crowley

Luv....thank you for your comment about the artwork...I will pass it on to the artist....Brian


Great article & thx Brian!! ALLEN WEST REPUBLIC supports Congressman West in his reelection for the CD-22 seat. CD-22 should be proud to have Allen West as their Statesman in DC.


This is one of my favorite photos done of West. I also like this article. Thanks Brian, well said and done!

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