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Are Florida Republicans ready for Rick Perry?

You can't help but notice Texas Gov. Rick Perry.  There aren't many candidates out there who when asked about gun control respond with "use both hands."

And, here's a guy coming to the Sunshine State who has described Social Security as a "Ponzi scheme" - bascially a plan that rips off taxpayers.

Perry  has said American's began losing their freedom when we started collecting income taxes.

And he accuses President Barack Obama of "throwing Israel under the bus" by pushing for discussions about the 1967 border.

Florida Republicans are about to get an upclose look at the Texas governor - if they can pay the price of admission.

Perry is having a series of fundraising events starting with a breakfast in Tampa on Sept. 13 at the Intercontinental Tampa, followed by lunch at the Miami Intercontinental.

On Sept. 21, lunch in Fort Lauderdale followed by an evening reception at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach.  Perry wraps up his Florida fundraising  in Orlando with an evening reception at the Peabody hotel on Sept. 23.

Prices range from $1,000 to $5,000. For more information go here.

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Jim Greer blames Florida Republican leaders for his downfall

Tampa television station WTSP is airing a two-part series on the downfall of former Florida Republican Party chairman Jim Greer.

Part 2 is the most interesting. The reporter, Mike Deeson, gives Greer free rein. If Greer was challenged about any of his assertions, viewers don't see it. Deeson also interviews Greer's wife, Lisa, Greer attorney Cheney Mason, and other Greer supporters.

An excerpt:

Oviedo, FL - Money, greed and political backstabbing appeared to have been commonplace in the Florida Republican Party's effort to oust former Chairman Jim Greer and undermine former Governor Charlie Crist's Senate bid.

Greer, who ended up in jail, has never talked about the inner workings of the Republican Party until now.

When 10 News asked Greer how this incident affected his life a year later, Greer choked up. He couldn't talk for more than 20 seconds and finally said, "Well, I can't get a job and I have no money to take care of my family because I have to give it all to my attorneys."

Greer says his problems began when he fired party fundraiser Meredith O'Rourke. O'Rourke was making $30,000 a month and a 10% commission on everything she brought in.

Greer says he underestimated her ties to the conservative wing of the party and influential lobbyists.

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