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New Perry ad calls Obama "President Zero"

Just in time for Florida's Presidency 5, Texas Gov. Rick Perry offers up a new, nearly 2 minute web ad, that starts out with doom and gloom and ends with Perry riding to the rescue.

In what may well become a Republican call-to-action - the ad dubs Barack Obama as "President Zero."

It is a powerful campaign slogan that the ad justifies with images of empty offices, empty businesses, empty streets and stormy skies. The ad opens with Obama talking about the economy and as the images flash by, Obama is heard saying, "We are headed in the right direction."

Then newscasters and campaign voiceovers are heard talking about "zero jobs" in August and,  "Not a single job being added." "No jobs created, net zero."

And then - you ready - we see a quick image of the legs of horse. Yup. Can't be true Texan if you ain't got a horse. You can't see the rider but one can assume it is Perry riding to the rescue.

Frankly, the ad should have stopped at the end of the Obama portion with a quick Rick Perry for President image. Instead, the ad switches to more over-the-top images that gives one a feel that Rocky XXXIIIV is about to air.

 Here's the ad. Does the message work for you?


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Most people with a lick of sense already know Obumble is president ZERO, and knew that he would be before the first vote was cast, but that does not mean Rick Perry is the person to take us in the right direction. As is the case with many other voters, not sure what will be best for the country, only know, ANYBODY BUT OBAMA IN 2012!!

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