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Geoff Ross, who claims to have been Mike McCalister's volunteer campaign manager, offers a, shall we say, vigorous defense of McCalister's campaign to win the Republican nomination to be Florida's next U.S. Senator.

This missive was posted on the Volusia County for Col. Mike McCalister Facebook page.

Dear Patriots,

 In October 2010 Colonel Mike McCalister US Senate candidate asked me to help set up and run his US Senate campaign. He asked me to get things moving forward for him as we arm the front lines to defend our Republic from this weak inefficient Communist style, tax and spend leadership of the Obama Administration.

Let’s not forget the misinformed lost and confused RINO's (who are actually Dems in elephants clothing) who are also running around the Republican party creating chaos and supporting the Obama agenda.

 I worked unpaid as a volunteer Campaign Manager and we put together one hell of a team across the State of Florida. I am not the most politically correct person in the world so I did what I could and kept my mouth shut as best as I could.

That is quite a feat as we encountered the liberal Commie's in the left and the whining cry me a river wimp RINO's of the Republican Party on the right in our travels. I took 4 months off from my day job and we got things done. After the campaign was up running, the Colonel then hired himself a professional Campaign Manager.

 So after a total of 7 months I resigned from the campaign in order to go back to fund raising for our wounded veterans to remain in compliance with 501 (c) rules. I am a subordinate fund raiser for Wounded Wear, Freedom Alliance and the Navy SEAL Foundation. These are nonprofit groups.

To prevent a conflict of interest I stepped away from the campaign. Like I said previously, I am not politically correct, so the Colonel was probably relieved anyway when I went back to fundraising for the kids and families of our fallen heroes.

Then I get E mails and questions from Tea Party folks across Florida about whether the Colonel had padded his resume or exaggerated his duties, lied about whether he went to Congress to offer testimony on national security issues and whether he wore his uniform to a Republican fund raiser.

Folks, Colonel McCalister never once said he served in combat. I was asked by the political action committee, Combat Veterans for Congress if he had a combat action ribbon or served in combat. I asked the Colonel this question and he said no, but he said he was damn proud of the work he did to aid the special warfare community.

 What we have are people trying to hurt a strong candidate that is an outsider from the Republican Party. Most of the people trying to hurt the Colonel are Hasner supporters. In fact one critic stated he trashed the Colonel (and me) in a blog then gave Hasner $100.00 donation.

 I was even called the bastard son of the grim reaper by a so called retired Naval Officer. Get real. My parents were married. What a sorry excuse for a Naval Officer to call a retired Senior Chief names  lol.

 Thank God his ass is retired and not in charge of anything. Let me tell you something folks, these liberal left wing communist, ass kissing Obama brown nose reporters at the Tampa Tribune and the Saint Petersburg Times and the like are scared of Colonel McCalister.

They fear that he has the ability to toss Senator Nelson out on his ear and start returning this nation back to a Republic form of government. This is the plan ladies and gentleman. Take a look at the alternatives who are running. Tree hugging RINO's or a Communist named Nelson who supported Obama Care.

Did Colonel McCalister wear his uniform to a Republican fund raiser ? Hell yes he did, I asked him to wear it. I was going to wear my uniform too but it was too small for me to get into. Too many damn steaks I guess from Pandora's.

 I asked the Colonel to show his colors and his medals out of respect for two decent Presidents we went to celebrate, Reagan and Lincoln. He paid for his ticket from his own pocket, he did not give a political speech, he did not ask for any money for his campaign, he did not run around the event saying he was a Senate candidate. He was guest and damn skippy he wore his uniform.

 This is a man who has actually served in our military unlike some who are currently running for office. So I take full responsibility for that mistake and the Colonel stands corrected too and will not do that again.

 Did Colonel McCalister testify before Congress? Nope, but he damn sure led the team that did. This will be proven when his campaign releases his military OER's in the next week or so. Did he lie? Nope, Colonel McCalister served as the subject matter expert for congressional testimony and he led the team that spoke before congress. Technically he did not speak but his words were heard by the Congress. This was also documented in his fitness reports or OER. So lets get the facts out here about Colonel McCalister.

 Geoff Ross Senior Chief Petty Officer USN (Ret)

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Chuck Winn, SVTF


(1) Mike McCalister deliberately misrepresented a duty assignment title of “Special Operations Action Officer” used at the 4 star USSOCOM Hqs to define the functional staff actions he was responsible for coordinating support of subordinate units that performed “black operations”, to give the impression that he was a Special Forces “i.e. green beret” officer performing covert operations in a deployed SF unit. His official Missouri National Guard enlisted and commissioned records revealed that he was an Engineer officer and never completed any Special Forces qualification training.

(2) Mike McCalister attempted to create a false impression of being qualified to be a general officer by deliberately misrepresenting his Air War College Correspondence Program to imply that the met the HQDA Military Education Level I (MEL-I) requirement for promotion to brigadier general, by falsely indicating it required a TOP SECRET Clearance like the Army War College Corresponding Studies Program (MEL-I qualifying). He compounded this by selectively releasing OER comments to give the impression that he was general officer material. McCalister’s embellished statements also indicated that representing general officer superiors of his command on Pentagon General Officer Steering Committees and other DoD panels was extraordinary for a colonel.

(3) Mike McCalister deliberately embellished his description of routine Colonel-level duties on his bio, web site and in speeches that involved the preparation of Congressional Reports, responses to GAO Investigations, Information Papers and preparation documents for his general officer superiors, to create the impression that he testified before Congress.

(4) Mike McCalister made a claim in a speech that Marc Caputo caught in reviewing McCalister’s YouTube video: “I did it all. PVT E1 active duty” to deliberately create an impression of serving on extended active duty as an enlisted man. McCalister’s enlisted DD214 revealed that as he served only in an active duty for training status while going through basic and advanced individual training for 4 months and 10 days, but never in a federal extended active duty status to qualify as a Vietnam-Era Veteran. SVTF member Ed Maxwell, a former Army Captain and 19 month Vietnam combat vet, emphasized that “in reality he joined the Guard as an alternative to being drafted during the Vietnam era.

(5) McCalister violated federal statutes and DoD policy by wearing a uniform to a partisan political fund raiser and as a candidate for public office no less. SVTF member Chuck Winn, a retired Army Colonel and Vietnam Vet, commented: “Although a misdemeanor, and understandable by an enlisted man or junior officer, this violation by a full colonel, indicates a total lack of appreciation of the fundamental Constitutional principal of civilian control of the military that guarantees our individual, economic and political liberties. I find it inconceivable that a full colonel and PhD did not know this.”

(6) McCalister inaccurately misrepresented his 1974 Officer Candidate Status on his bio identifying himself as a SGT E5. SVTF member Tim Taylor, a retired USMC Lt Colonel and Desert Storm vet, noted that “although Officer Candidates are temporarily promoted to the pay grade of E5 while in OCS to defray the additional expenses (unless they already hold that or a higher grade), this was obviously phrased to imply that McCalister served as a Non Commissioned Officer, i.e. an enlisted leader of troops in a unit.” Taylor continued “His own bio describes his last duty assignment in a unit prior to attending OCS as a lineman, PFC E3. Although it is possible for an enlisted soldier to be appointed an acting NCO on orders and authorized to wear sergeant’s stripes, National Guard units in those days were at full strength, so it is highly unlikely that this was the case.”


Such nonsense. McCalister "damn sure led the team" that testified before Congress? His own supervisors don't remember it that way. McCalister is in hot water because of his own big mouth.


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