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Brett Doster to run Mitt Romney's Florida campaign

Brett Doster, who got his start as a driver, travel aide and all around go-to-guy for the 1994 campaign of Jeb Bush, is the new Florida  strategic advisor for Mitt Romney.

Bush did not win the 1994 campaign but many of those who worked for him went on have successful careers in and out of politics. Doster has become one of the leading GOP operatives in Florida. He continued to work for Bush and then helped out Bush's older brother George W. as manager of his Florida campaign in 2004.

Doster was Florida political director for the Bush-Cheney 2000 campaign. He was campaign manager for Tom Gallagher's 2006 race for governor.

Doster, a fifth generation Floridian and graduate of The Citadel, is know for his hard work and easy-going manner.

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If, if, if...And if the "October spisrrue" of Bush's drunk-driving record hadn't been broken right before the election, it wouldn't have cost him precious votes; if earlier on election night, the AP and US media hadn't quoted exit poll projections in Florida at 0049 GMT to announce VP Gore had won, it might not have cost Bush precious votes; if a Florida Democrat lawyer's 5 page memo on how to disqualify military ballots hadn't prevented those serving half-way around the world from having their ballots counted, Bush would have had more popular votes.If, if if.It was 8 years ago. Get over it.Bush won the Electoral votes and is legally and rightfully the President of the United States. Only in the fever-addled liberal brain is he an illegitimate president. It's called being sore losers.I'd say the vast amount of voter fraud seems to come from Democrats.

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