Should Charlie Crist endorse George LeMieux or Adam Hasner?
Allen West says no. Mike McCalister says oops. George LeMeiux explains.

New Huntsman video: Obama Failed Us

Republican candidate Jon Huntsman's campaign released a new video this morning in which the former Obama appointee calls the president a failure.


JON HUNTSMAN:   Right now we’ve got people on the fringes; President Obama is too far to the left. [ABC's This Week, 8/21/2011]

CHYRON:   On Barack Obama…

JON HUNTSMAN:  Zero leadership on display in terms of the President, who should’ve used the bully pulpit well ahead of time.  [ABC's This Week, 8/21/2011]

CHYRON:   On Barack Obama…

JON HUNTSMAN: He should’ve walked away from the teleprompter. [ABC's This Week, 8/21/2011]

JON HUNTSMAN: He had two and a half years to do the most important thing demanded by the American people:  Fix the economy, create an environment that is conducive to job growth, and he has failed us. He is a good man, he is earnest, but he has failed us on the most important issue of our day. [CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, 8/22/2011]

CHYRON: Take It From Me...The President Failed.



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Video provided by Huntsman campaign.


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